Calling All Frood’s & Non-Frood’s

We’re on the lookout for teams people would like to start or be a part of. If you want to play in a team or start a team, let us know which game and we can see if we can get something started. If it needs a server we can look into it, no real limits to the number of serverless game teams we can get going though, would be nice to have a bit more happening in terms of general community activity. Obvious games to have would be TF2/LoL, we’re trying to pool some SC2 players although anyone wanting to represent us individually would be appreciated also. Same goes for Hearthstone.

You don’t have to be in Froody to do this either, if you want to come across to start something up our doors are open, or if you’re in Froody but the friends you play with aren’t then bring them across. We’ve no limitations any more of you must be in Froody and Froody only if you’re in other teams as well so don’t shy :)

Please pop on the forums with ideas etc, anything new means more activity for the community and forums which is only a good thing, and can lead to bringing in some more new blood.

New Froody Site Goes Live

Hello all and welcome to the new Froody Community website. It may not look like much but we are working hard behind the scenes to spruce and pretty it up.


If your new to the site/community, please join us on the forums and make your self know. I promise we don’t bite :)

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