Team Froody Goes Top

Team Froody recently won their 3rd match in the ESL A-Series EU which has taken them top of the league by 23 points. Now the hard part begins…holding the spot till promotion to the Premier Division COME ON TEAM FROODY!!!

Topping the table

Latest Valve Update Tweaks de_Overpass

Valve have released the latest update for CS:GO which, in addition to a handfull of minor fixes, includes a number of significant changes to de_overpass.

These changes to the map, based on player feedback from and observations made during ESL One Cologne, range from small texture and lighting tweaks to major alterations, most notably the closure of the hut in A site.

The update also brings to a close the game’s 2nd birthday celebrations, a new $400 price tag for the Zeus, and a change to the way that rifle scopes work – something that has already generated some controversy.

Read on for the full patch notes:

•Added positional audio support for players using Mumble voice chat.
•Fixed case where sniper scope blur was not accurately representing full sniper weapon inaccuracy when scoped.
•Fixed a bug where in some cases a bullet didn’t know it had penetrated a player hitbox if it started by penetrating another surface first and hadn’t exited before “hitting” the hitbox.
•Fixed weapon damage falloff distances getting reset every time a surface was penetrated, which allowed weapons to shoot farther than they should if they penetrated an object first (like the sawedoff).
•Terminated birthday party.
•Increased Zeus price to 400.

•Fixed a regression with fov_cs_debug convar.


•Removed various unintended boost-spots
•Moved some flowers at top of mid

•Updated based on feedback and observations from ESL One Cologne
•Removed tall sandbags near Bombsite B which could be used to two-man boost onto and peek/shoot into T water
•Added a intended boost spot in its place, where you can two-man boost. Wall near position is bangable from both sides.
•Removed boost on green wall in playground
•Removed position on toilet mid entrance which could be used to get an angle on toilet entrance
•Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck
•Removed grass on low cover near Bombsite A which obstructed peeking
•Changed some textures and lighting to improve visibility and reduce environment noise
•Moved lightpost at entrance to Bombsite A to remove gap
•Closed off hut at Bombsite A
•Railing outside of squeaky door no longer blocks bullets or grenades

•Various balance tweaks, optimizations and bug fixes

•Added unique sounds for each spawn

Froody Enters The LoL Arena

We are happy to announce the construction of  Froody’s first competitive League of Legends team, Froody.LoL, lead by Senzafire.

This is an exciting step for the Froody community to be entering such a popular and vast part of eSports and we are looking forward to seeing the success of this new team.

At current they are looking for 3 more eager and driven players so if you are interested in playing competitive LoL, and think you have what it takes, please head to to find out more.

Team Froody Joins Euro ESL A-Series

Team Froody has take its first steps, since being rebuilt, back into competitive CSGO by joining ESL’s A-Series.

The team is eager to prove them selves and is looking to get as many good results under their belt before the end of the season.

Keep checking back as results will be posted here along with other information on Cups.

See U On

Calling All Frood’s & Non-Frood’s

We’re on the lookout for teams people would like to start or be a part of. If you want to play in a team or start a team, let us know which game and we can see if we can get something started. If it needs a server we can look into it, no real limits to the number of serverless game teams we can get going though, would be nice to have a bit more happening in terms of general community activity. Obvious games to have would be TF2/LoL, we’re trying to pool some SC2 players although anyone wanting to represent us individually would be appreciated also. Same goes for Hearthstone.

You don’t have to be in Froody to do this either, if you want to come across to start something up our doors are open, or if you’re in Froody but the friends you play with aren’t then bring them across. We’ve no limitations any more of you must be in Froody and Froody only if you’re in other teams as well so don’t shy :)

Please pop on the forums with ideas etc, anything new means more activity for the community and forums which is only a good thing, and can lead to bringing in some more new blood.

New Froody Site Goes Live

Hello all and welcome to the new Froody Community website. It may not look like much but we are working hard behind the scenes to spruce and pretty it up.


If your new to the site/community, please join us on the forums and make your self know. I promise we don’t bite :)

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